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Senior Crunch Package for College Planning


Our Senior Crunch Service is geared towards students who enter senior year feeling stressed and confused about the college planning process through three 90-minute sessions.  

We begin this accelerated process with a thorough review of the student’s educational history including all relevant testing, transcripts, and a writing sample. We get the student back on track to apply to appropriate colleges. We provide two assessments (personality and college readiness) to discover the student’s strengths and interests. Once we identify what the student will need for support, we review the student’s list of colleges and discuss how to evaluate whether each fits a student's needs, both academically and socially. We show students effective ways to research and visit colleges. We discuss the nitty gritty details of how to build an application -  how to find teachers who can offer good recommendations, what constitutes a strong college essay, among other relevant topics.

At the final meeting, we present a Senior Take Control Plan, which is customized to the student and provides specific guideposts for the necessary steps leading to the successful submission of college applications.

Subsequently, we offer a 30-minute session to field any additional questions a student may have about the college application process.