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col•lab o•ra tive adj.– accomplished through working with others for a common purpose or benefit; "a cooperative effort."



The collaborative concept guides our practice and benefits our families.  As a team, we meet to discuss student profiles, ongoing research in the field of learning differences, and changes at colleges and learning programs. We travel frequently, visiting college disability services offices, taking campus tours, eating at the cafeterias, talking to students and admissions representatives – all in an effort to know the schools and available support so well that we are able to give the best advice to our families.
We also have built strong relationships with a wide array of respected professionals across the country. Sometimes this means finding the right coach for a student with ADHD. Other times this means finding a psychologist who will work well with our student in psycho-educational testing. Sometimes in means finding a writing coach for those who struggle with essays.These relationships enhance our ability to help our students although we never receive referral fees or other monetary advantages from these professionals.
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