Our Comprehensive Package

We offer a Comprehensive Package that consists of twelve meetings in which we work with students in the college planning, preparation and placement process.

At our first three meetings, we get to know the student and his or her learning style.  We fully review all of the student’s psycho-educational testing for learning disabilities, transcripts, accommodations plans and any other documentation that will help us understand the student.  With parental permission, we talk to counselors, teachers, tutors and/or coaches to learn more about the student.  We administer assessment tests to learn more about a student’s strengths, weaknesses and interests.  We then research colleges and universities that will support the student’s learning styles and compile a list of schools that we believe will support the student’s learning needs while challenging him or her academically.

During the next eight meetings, we work on a variety of things.  We assist the student on applications and essays;  we discuss college-readiness skills, such as independence and self-advocacy, helping the student develop strategies to achieve them;  we help students with useful assistive technology skills, if necessary;  we assist the student and family in evaluating the pros and cons of different colleges;  we offer advice on interviewing and a mock interview session in order to prepare for college interviews;  we help students develop their resumes;  we assist in drafting explanatory letters to college admission committees, if necessary.

Our last meeting is designed to help the student with the transition to college.  We talk about the differences between high school and college schedules.  We discuss strategies for keeping on track.   We talk about dealing with the significant freedom that comes with college.  We brainstorm ways to stay healthy and avoid over-extending.

We then send our students off to college, with the confidence that they will do well.

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