Our Advocacy Services

Our advocacy services focus on the needs of the student first and foremost.  We help families develop a unique, appropriate educational plan for each student, taking into account the governing law and policies.  Each student is unique and services are carefully tailored to fit the situation, but may include:

Information Gathering

  • Thorough review of all educational records, psycho-educational testing, notes, assessments, etc.
  • Informal and formal interviews with the family, student, teachers, counselors, and other personnel who have pertinent knowledge of the student
  • Observation of the student in the classroom


  • Necessary accommodations and services
  • Referral to other professionals such as tutors, therapists, or other specialists
  • Additional assessments, if necessary

Creation and Implementation of Educational Plan

  • Development and/or review of educational goals and steps necessary to achieve goals
  • Attendance at meetings with families and school personnel
  • Negotiation with school personnel on behalf of the student and family, when necessary
  • Ongoing monitoring of education plan to ensure that student is making adequate progress

Advocacy services are available on an hourly basis.  For more information, please contact Sue Cook Christakos at sue@collegeLD.com



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