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Whenever we visit campuses, we ask students, "What assistive technologies are you using now?"  Notability has been a consistent answer no matter where in the country we are.

So, taking this as a challenge, Joan and Kyle have been using the software app to see whether it is useful to recommend to our students.  And so far our answer is, "Yes!"

Notability allows students to upload pdfs, videos and photos that are relevant to a particular class or project.  So, ideally, students could create virtual subject files per class and maintain all relevant documents in those files - syllabi, articles,videos etc. You can transfer documents to/from Dropbox or Google Docs, which is very convenient.  

Also, students can make notes with a stylus, highlight key concepts and add stickies to supplement their file.  By the time exams roll around, everything a student has learned and needs to study should be within each subject file. 

One limitation we've noticed is that it is not easy to figure out how to upload documents into particular files.  However, we assume that our difficulties on this point are more due to our lack of true "tech savvy."  Students may find this a non-issue.

As always, we caution students that it is very difficult to learn assistive technologies in college - there is too much stress and anxiety adapting to college studies generally to really internalize new study strategies.  But with practice and diligence in high school, students will find that this app truly reduces their college work loads and make their studying more efficient.

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