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Lori Vise


Lori loves helping families of high school and college students identify schools where they can thrive.  Cited as an expert on the subject in US News and World Report, Lori guides students with different learning styles through every aspect of the college process.  During their high school years, Lori also provides guidance to students about their academic and extracurricular activities.

Lori deliberately limits the number of students she works with so she can give each of them, and their parents, the attention they deserve.  Her goal is to help students find colleges that are the best fits and have the right learning support in place. Lori visits colleges frequently to find out for herself whether they live up to the promises they make on their websites and elsewhere.  In addition, Lori stays in contact with students after they graduate from high school to assist with their college transition.

With input from her colleagues at College Consulting Collaborative, Lori’s students also benefit from the collective wisdom that comes from years of experience and various perspectives.

Lori has been active in the Washington DC community for many years, serving on the board of Martha's Table and various other scholastic and community-based groups.  She is an honors graduate of University of Pennsylvania and The Wharton School, has completed a program of study on Principles of Educational Consulting, and is actively involved in the field of education.

Lori Vise, lori.vise@gmail.com, 301-674-0150.