updated psycho-educational testing is critical ...

Up-to-date, professionally prepared documentation of a disability and its functional impact on the student is generally required to receive accommodations both in college and for standardized testing (ACT and SAT) and is usually provided though a psycho-educational or neuro-psychological testing report.  Specific criteria for this documentation vary.  Please consult the College Board (http://professionals.collegeboard.com/testing/ssd/accommodations) and ACT (http://www.act.org/aap/disab/policy.html), as well as the individual college website.

Most colleges require testing that is no more than three years old and includes the adult- (WAIS) rather than the child- (WISC) normed cognitive ability test.  The WAIS cannot be administered until the student is 16 years old, so parents should schedule testing carefully to ensure that it meets the requirements for both standardized testing and college accommodations.  We review every student’s educational history and testing to determine the best way of satisfying both the standardized testing agencies and the college or university. 

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