Our College List Package

Our College List Package includes three 90 minute meetings, as well as an in-depth review of the student’s educational history including all relevant testing, transcripts, and a writing sample. 

The first meeting features an interview with student and parents, as well as two assessments (personality and college readiness).  At the second meeting, we present an overview of the college planning process and provide customized strategies and suggestions for the student based on gathered data.  At this meeting, we also create a profile for the best college fit for the student.  At our third meeting, we present an individualized college list with accompanying research on each school and explain why the college is recommended for the student.  The list is compiled based on extensive research, our frequent travel to colleges and universities, and our collective expertise.   In addition to presenting information about each college, we also teach students how to thoughtfully research these schools and visit them in a meaningful way.

If the family feels that a comprehensive package would be more appropriate, we gladly apply the consult fee towards the cost of those services.


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