7 Steps for Success

If you work with, or are the parent of, a student with learning disabilities, buy this book, read it, and then read it again at least once a year. Most importantly, don't wait until junior year of high school to get started. Elizabeth Hamblet has written a comprehensive guide to preparing students for independence and life after high school, but parents, educators, and educational consultants would be well advised to approach the practical tasks outlined in this book in a planned, sequential fashion beginning in middle school. Each of the seven steps addresses an area of needed competency for students approaching the transition to college. Each chapter explains the content a student needs to master, highlights key ideas and related concepts, and provides useful links to Internet-based resources. Far too many students head to college because their friends are going, rather than based on an understanding of needed academic and personal skills, careful preparation, or established goals. Elizabeth Hamblet is out to change that with "7 Steps for Success."


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