Are You Really Ready for College?

Welcome to college life where you can stay up as late as you want playing video games or chatting with friends.  Eat what you like, forget about working out, and sleep in—someone will share class notes with you.  Really?  That’s the fastest way to academic probation and a ticket back home. 

College is actually hard work for most students.  For the first time, they are responsible for everything… deadlines, paperwork, long-term assignments.  No one is checking Blackboard or Edline and strategically reminding students of upcoming tests and papers or missing assignments.  Bigger challenges loom as students are expected to pick a major and research and fulfill all of the requirements in a timely manner. 

Students who are successful have already taken responsibility for many of the major academic and personal tasks in their lives.  They have experienced glitches and minor failures in high school and learned to see these obstacles as opportunities for growth.  They reflect on their experiences and adopt new strategies.  They advocate for themselves with faculty. They set goals, make periodic adjustments, problem-solve, and make good decisions.

Practice makes perfect, so start now to master these skills.  Are you really prepared for college?  Here are some ideas to get you going: 

  • Wake yourself up daily
  • Run your own IEP or 504 meeting
  • Make a budget and start using an ATM card
  • Make your own doctor and dentist appointments
  • Try a SmartPen in a lecture-type class
  • Check Edline/Blackboard on a regular basis
  • Learn to do laundry (yes, that includes sorting)

Everything you learn to do before you leave home will make the transition to college that much easier which means better grades, graduating on time, and more free time for internships, activities, and fun.


Submitted by Joan Wittan


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